Master of Landscape Architecture

The mission of the MLA Program in Landscape Architecture is to educate for ultimate leadership in the landscape architecture profession. This mission requires fostering rigorous scholarly inquiry of the discipline, and the preparation of knowledgeable practitioners. The Program in Landscape Architecture has the dual objectives of providing students with a core of design and technical skills in combination with experiences in pure and applied research. This duality prepares students for identifying and solving problems in the profession through design and research, and it is a Program focus. The MLA Program in Landscape Architecture also prepares students to enter practice in private, public, academic, and research organizations. Student preparation is enhanced by specialized coursework taken inside landscape architecture and by the topic of one's thesis. Specialized thesis committee members are selected to help students choose areas of primary interest in their MLA Program landscape architecture. The MLA Program in Landscape Architecture should fully be approved by expert committee members from the Ministry of Higher Education before commencement and continues upgrading should be done to help raise educational standard. Graduates from the MLA Program should be ready for any future evaluation when successfully pass and qualifies individuals are expected to practice as landscape architects in the Sudan and anywhere in the world.